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Lane's Fitness is a totally customized personal training gym. We offer cutting-edge workouts and recovery coaching by the region's top personal trainers. Our membership packages are designed to offer you the most flexibility and service depending on your fitness goals. If you are ready to make a change and commit to training with us, see our package options below.

Training Packages:

Rates starting at:

1 - 30 Min Private Training Session ($50.00)

1 - 55 Min Private Training Session ($75.00)

5 - 30 Min Private Training Sessions ($230.00)

5 - 55 Min Private Training Sessions ($365.00)

10 - 30 Min Private Training Sessions ($450.00)

10 - 55 Min Private Training Sessions ($690.00)

15 - 30 Min Private Training Sessions ($645.00)

15 - 55 Min Private Training Sessions ($990.00)

20 - 30 Min Private Training Sessions ($840.00)

20 - 55 Min Private Training Sessions ($1300.00)

20 classes

* Our Master Trainers charge slightly more. Clients do not have to be members of Club 14 Fitness to train with us.



"Price was one of the best trainers I have ever had. I was mostly interested in a stretching regiment and not so much weight training. Price explained every stretch he preformed and the benefits. I would recommend him 100%."

"Charles is very knowledgeable and a great personal trainer. Highly recommend."

"Doug has been my trainer for over eleven years. He pushes me just the right amount in the right way, and I couldn't imagine life without our 3 times per week workouts. He cares about my health and shoots straight when I really need it. I'm in the best shape of my life, and if I would have just followed his diet advice sooner, I could have gotten to this point a long time ago."


"I had the opportunity to work with Price M. one of their personal trainers. I initially sought out a trainer to help with strengthening a previous leg injury. Eight weeks later I was deadlifting 250lbs, cardio increased dramatically and I was benching my weight. Price challenged me and pushed me beyond my physical ability, which was truly welcomed. Price is a fantastic trainer and if you allow him, he will push you!"

"This has been the best experience. The gym staff and patrons are very friendly. Doug is very knowledgeable and patient in his teachings. I highly recommend him to anyone from beginners to advanced athletes. He finds a place for everyone."

"If you are looking for RESULTS-- this is the place to go to. Great facilities with worldclass training!"

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