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Doug Lane

Head Coach and Owner

Doug Lane is an accomplished athlete, trainer, coach, and gym owner with 24 years of experience who is nationally recognized. His goal is to utilize the latest research and science to formulate training that is safe, effective, and focuses on total body mobility.


Doug's credentials include:

  • Starting Strength Coach - formerly traveled with Coach Mark Rippetoe around the nation to teach technical aspects of the patented "Starting Strength" concepts at multiple gyms in Nebraska, New York City, and Florida.

  • Trained internationally at multiple gyms: Sittsongpeenong, Rau 67, Thai Olympic Training Center, PK Saenchai-Tokyo, Japan, Guatemalan Olympic Training Center - Guatemala City, USA Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs, CO

  • Certified Coaches in CrossFit methods -- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), CrossFit East (Jacksonville)

  • USA Weightlifting Certifications and Newton Sports Clinics in Weightlifting 


Emma Feakes


"Finding your strength is when you are so strong physically, mentally and spiritually that you have the confidence to carry any weight that is placed upon you in life and turn it into a comeback. It’s the commitment you make to yourself to get better every single day. " ~Coach Emma


Charles Sandusky


"Finding your strong is a process of self-awareness, a journey of discovery by which we are shaped both inwardly and outwardly. On this journey we learn we have the ability to persist, to endure, and resist forces that may have overcome us a month ago. As we progress we start to master loads that would have moved us." ~Coach Charles




"Finding my strong will always start with my center core connections. 
This connection is where power, balance, strength and endurance are...not to leave out...good posture will be achieved. Life needs us to be strong. Lets build and grow the best version of ourselves. We are worth it." ~Coach Gena


Amanda Nunimaker


"Strength isn’t just about lifting heavy and muscle definition. True strength starts with what others don’t see... making the time to commit to your fitness goals, showing up even after sleepless nights and stressful days, and pushing your limits even when it feels like you want to quit." ~Coach Amanda


Danielle Steinbrenner




Lori Brodie

Nutrition Coach

Years coaching: – 12 years certified personal trainer, 1 year nutrition coach



  • Doctor of Nursing Practice, Masters & Bachelors Degrees in Psychology and Nursing

  • Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise)

  • Certified Health Coach (Girls Gone Strong Academy)

  • Currently Completing Macro Nutrition Coaching Certification 


Training philosophy: Nutrition is so individual specific. There really is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to developing a nutrition program for someone. Success comes from collaboration and consistency. My goal is to teach my clients lifelong strategies for sustainable results.

Fun fact about Lori: When I was a kid, I wanted to be the first female quarterback in the NFL.

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