About Lane's Fitness


We provide state-of-the-art private training that is focused on body function with programming that is innate and raw in a world of exercise confusion. Our coaches educate ALL our clients -- young and old, weak and strong. We encourage exercise intensity, duration, challenging formats, and perfect combinations of frequency to expand former known limits; challenging them daily. Ultimately… our mission is to enhance life!

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Lane’s Fitness is built upon a strong professional foundation upholding trust and technique. We use intensity, education, fun, and variety as the fuel for our machine. We are committed to these values and seek those who desire this type of active lifestyle.


Of course our coaching team is working with hundreds of clients each week. But, one important point about us is that we practice what we preach.  Our methods are continually evolving. Each staff member is an athlete and truly obsessed with learning more about the body and how it moves. Most coaches are training their own bodies 5+ days per week in addition to our client load. We LOVE helping others achieve their fitness goals, and teaching them about the world of exercise and moving safely, effectively, and efficiently with quantifiable results.


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