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2023 is Here. It's Time.


We offer the best and most professional personal training in Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island.


Fighting disease, staving off illness, sleeping better, looking younger, having more energy, feeling more positive, being able to do more throughout the day...all of this is directly linked your fitness, your BMI, what you eat, and how you exercise. Your physical health and mental health are directly tied to your exercise routine. If you want to feel better and look better, let's talk about matching you with one of our coaches. 


Sessions    I   Length    I     Price    I   Per Session

1    I   30 min.   I     $50   I   $50

1    I   55 min.   I     $75  I   $75

5    I   30 min.   I     $230   I   $46

5    I   55 min.   I     $365   I   $73

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Resistance and strength training


Functional and mobility training

Sport-specific training

Injury recovery and rehab

Kickboxing training

Kettlebell workouts

HIIT training

Boot camps

Stretching and flexibility training

Weight loss

Nutritional counseling



"I would encourage anyone to try out Lane’s Fitness to become a better version of you! They have knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers who have helped me stay motivated to improve my strength and mobility.  I’ve even shared what I have learned with my family!"

"I'd probably say Lane's Fitness not only makes me a better weightlifter, but got me into the sport of Olympic weightlifting. If someone is an aspiring athlete, then they should look to Lane's Fitness." 

"Never thought working out could be an adventure. But for the last 8 1/2 years… Lane’s Fitness has taken me on an incredible trip to reach my goals."


"I hold all of my coaches to the highest standards in terms of credentials, certifications, staying attuned to the latest research and exercise science, practicing what they preach, and adhering to our exclusive methods of personal training."


Some of Doug's credentials include:

  • Starting Strength Coach - formerly traveled with Coach Mark Rippetoe around the nation to teach technical aspects of the patented "Starting Strength" concepts at multiple gyms in Nebraska, New York City, and Florida.

  • Trained internationally at multiple gyms: Sittsongpeenong, Rau 67, Thai Olympic Training Center, PK Saenchai-Tokyo, Japan, Guatemalan Olympic Training Center - Guatemala City, USA Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs, CO

  • Certified Coaches in CrossFit methods -- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), CrossFit East (Jacksonville)

  • USA Weightlifting Certifications and Newton Sports Clinics in Weightlifting