Fall Training Special $39

Want to bring more value to your training regimen? Sometimes it's a matter of adding one or two moves to your workout, enhancing the form of the moves you already do, and/or zeroing in on a key part of your body. To do that, we are offering exclusive training sessions focused on one specific topic, move, or body area. Each session is 30 minutes -- just long enough to analyze and teach one move properly with proper form. Sign up for one, two, or all of these, and watch your body and workout take shape. All sessions must be booked and used by October 31.

Deadlift Session

$39 -- 30 minutes. Taught by Coach Doug.


 Learn the five professional personal trainer recognized cues specific to this exercise that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  They are paramount to an injury free and performance boosting deadlift. When performed with correct form and correctly integrated into your routine, the deadlift will build significant muscle strength in all the major muscle groups in your lower and upper body. Ideal for those wanting to build mass, strength, and speed.

Power Clean Session

$39 -- 30 minutes. Taught by Coach Amanda.

Power cleans build unparalleled explosive power. They are the pinnacle of athlete development that is being harnessed by everyday fitness enthusiasts.  Power cleans are technically considered a multi-joint exercise, so they specifically challenge the muscles in your legs, glutes, and lower and upper back. They are ideal for athletes and gym-goers who want to move quickly on their feet. Learn correct foot positioning, bar path movement and how to correct "rack" the barbell in the front loaded position your feet. 

Core Session

$39 -- 30 minutes. Taught by Coach Gena.

A strong core means a strong body. There's nothing more important to your overall function, fitness, posture, balance, and mobility. After an initial assessment of your muscular balance and imbalance, you will learn 1-2 key moves with proper form to improve the way you move, engage muscles properly during a workout, and relieve back, neck, or hip pain.

Squats Session

$39 -- 30 minutes. Taught by Coach Emma.

Deemed the king of all lifting exercises, squats will benefit your entire body. When done correctly, they build strength in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Our coaches will be teaching the differences between a "High Bar" and a "Low Bar" back squat.  The advantages of utilizing both in your routine and working with any injuries you have will allow you to perform better overall.  Also, building your squat weight will improve your speed, jumps, power, and core strength. A necessary move for runners, bodybuilders, cyclists, and those wanting to burn fat, increase mobility, and build explosive strength. 

Boxing Session

$39 -- 30 minutes. Taught by Khru Doug.

Not only will boxing increase your cardio fitness, it will drastically improve your coordination, balance, focus, and self-defense skills. Learn one or two proper form techniques such as stance or footwork when working on a bag in the gym, and general movement basics in case of self-defense. Ideal for those beginning boxing or wanting to progress to more advanced skills and Muay Thai. Includes free glove rental.

Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation

$39 -- 30 minutes. Taught by Coach Charles.

Do you have an injury or pain that is inhibiting your workout or movement? Coach Charles specializes in working with athletes who have injuries, tightness, or limited mobility. The first necessary step to overcoming this is a functional fitness evaluation where he will work with you to assess your quality of movement and your movement patterns. This will then lead to a plan to get you on the road to recovery with a better range of motion that is pain free. 

Inflammation Analysis - Nutrition

$39 -- 30 minutes. Taught by Nutrition Coach Amanda.

Inflammation in your body can cause pain, stiffness, fatigue, weight gain, swelling, and can eventually lead to disease. Our nutrition coach can measure and evaluate the inflammation in your body and give you 3-5 specific types of food to add/avoid in your diet to start making a difference. This information is a must-have for anyone looking to use food to heal your body.

*Space is limited for each session and must be booked and used by October 31.
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